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Although mostly forgotten nowadays, Neon was a short-lived and, in my opinion, perhaps the best UK film magazine there has ever been.

Kind of the sister magazine to Select, it had the off-kilter approach of Smash Hits at its’ peak (leading to slightly odd features which created genuine insight, such as John Waters writing about his top ten religious movies and random movie makers asked about their favourite Chevy Chase film), combined with a genuine love of cinema that prevented it having the “everything is ironic” tone of many magazines from the time.

Neither as obsessed with the new and mainstream as Empire or precious about cinema as Sight and Sound, it comfortably understood that you can enjoy both highbrow and lowbrow cinema, and focussed on unearthing and talking about interesting films.

Anyway, since I came home to find that my mum had put all my magazines in date order, and I realised that I still had every issue (albeit some torn up to make collages in my pre-photoshop days), I thought I’d share the best bits on this blog.

Obviously, copyright still belongs to EMAP – fingers crossed they won’t mind ten year old articles of a magazine which didn’t sell too well turning up on the web. Though if there are any problem with copyright, please leave a comment and I’ll gladly take down any offending pages.


The unaware subscription form from the last ever issue.


  1. Hi. Can you please tell me the issue number of “100 films to watch before you die” with Jaws on the front. This was my favourite issue. I had nearly every issue but my mum binned them all when I moved out

    Is there a scan of the 100 movies on your blog? I have had a look but cant find it. Apologies if I have over looked it. Your help would be much appreciated



  2. I’d love to read the intervies on David Thewlis from Jan 4, 2011, but it’s waaay too small print, and I don’t know how to enlarge it. ok- I’m old, I’m not so great with computers, SOS!

  3. Click the thumbnail to enlarge a page. You may then have to click it again depending how your browser is set up.

    The font is about as big as the text on this page, so if you can read that you should have no problem.

  4. Hi

    I loved this magazine, and what a great blog!

    I’m after a picture from what I think was from Neon – a Jim Carrey fake wedding still, where he’s in a 70’s tux doing the thumbs up and his ‘wife’ has really bad sun burn and on crutches?? Any idea if this is from Neon, and if so, which issue?

  5. I’m Australian and Neon was my bible for a while. My favourite list was one printed in one of the earlier issues, and it mentioned such obscure titles (at the time) as ‘Eyes Without a Face’ and ‘Parallax View’ They aren’t quite as obscure now as they were then, and I can’t remember what the list was about. I’ve looked quickly at the pages available and can’t find it, but in any case, these bring back great memories of a terrific magazine. I shall always miss it.

    • That was the 100 Films you MUST see before you die list found in the May 1997 issue with the classic Jaws poster on the front cover. Terrific magazine of which I have just recently found 13 issues, including the one above, as well as the Neon calendar of 1999.

  6. This was a great magazine. I’m looking for a feature I remember reading about director Alan Clarke. Dont remember who wrote it or what the issue it is from but would really appreciate it if you could help me out! Cheers!

  7. I loved this magazine… great job uploading it. It was so close, reverant yet irrelavant. Funny too.

  8. Hi guys, I’m doing a clear out of my old film magazine collection and have 16 issues of Neon from the first in Dec 96 to Nov 98. If anyone’s interested in buying them, write to me on They’re all in good condition and I have the 1st few issues (my favourite being the Father Ted cover issue) and the one with 100 movies to see before you die. Just rereading the Graham Linehan stuff at the back, esp. his bit about Herzog. Such a cool magazine at the time. I’m also selling 25 issues of Total Film from Feb 97 to March 2000 including the 1st 14 issues. And 28 issues of Empire from Sep 94 to April 97. I’m selling them as packages and am open to offers. They’ll be much better value than the price off ebay or some of the other mag collector sites. Again if you[re interesteddrop me a line

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